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Like the " Gold Medal" Nike Air Force 1 Low CB, the " Olympic" Nike; Air Force CB was designed in 1 Low tribute to the pivotal role that Sir Charles played in both the 1992 and 1996 Olympics. The " Olympic" Nike; Air Force CB features a Red 1 Low and Gold Upper with a Gold Swoosh with Red Contrast stitching. To add more of aUSA Olympic Basketball uniform look, the " Olympic" Nike; Air Force Low features a Navy trim 1 and Navy laces. 1.jpg (258.17 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2015-1-1 upl Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale oad at 21:20 2.jpg (254.47 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2015-1-1 upload at 21:20 3.jpg (286.34 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2015-1-1 21:20 upload stability, Nike, simple, flexibleBritish fashion name END. has officially released the New Balance and the joint design of crystallization, this time both sides used for the design of the prototype 575 popular shoes, the well-known Carara Italy marble quarry design inspiration, through the white leather and suede shoes composed of grey stone, highlighting the incomparable texture, and with the END. logo with shoelace buckle and insole. end-new-balance-575-marble-white-5.jpg (114.22 KB, download number: 0) download END. x New Balance 575 Marble White 2016-8-15 18:26 upload end-new-balance-575-marble-white-3.jpg (93.01 KB, download number: 2) download END. x New Balance 575 Marble White 2016-8-15 18:26 upload end-new-balance-575-marble-white-4.jpg (97.63 KB, download number: 1) download END. x New Balance 575 Marble White 2016-8-15 18:26 upload end-new-balance-575-marble-white-1.jpg (61.27 KB, download number: 0) download END. x New Balance 575 Marble White 2016-8-15 18:26 upload end-new-balance-575-marble-white-2.jpg (107.71 KB, download number: 2) download END. x New Balance 575 Marble White 2016-8-15 18:26 Tony to upload this topic by 2016-8-15 18:26 in the 00 generation this year, Quanzhou City, Fujian province Industrial and Commercial Bureau active integration into the overall development, to find ways for the transformation of apparel enterprises "cheer". In the multi joint efforts, gradually out of the "winter apparel enterprises". according to statistics, from January to July, Quanzhou textile and apparel industry, the footwear industry output growth both more than two digits, the sales value of above scale textile enterprises shoes and apparel industry showed a monthly upward trend. Among them, the first half of Anta's revenue grew 28.3%, Jordan, Lee Lang, Motom and other enterprises in the first half growth in more than 10% orders. Quanzhou has "China shoes" and "Jinjiang China leisure clothing city Shishi, is one of China's most densely populated region brand shoes and apparel. However, in recent years affected by the market environment, Quanzhou shoes industry product backlog, the entire industry into the winter". "change" one leg "business entity stores, online and offline" two legs "to walk, is most shoes enterprises countermeasures." Director of the Quanzhou municipal Industrial and Commercial Bureau Chen Kaiji said, "our business sector to actively follow up, efforts to promote e-commerce to better serve the development of enterprises, enterprises as soon as possible to help climbing out of the" ice "." the Bureau opened Easy Access, enterprise registration, application for trademark registration and provide one-stop service, has been supporting Shishi commercial and Industrial Park, Licheng District happiness Street shop mall and a number of e-commerce operations center put into operation. The guidance of the e-commerce operations center set up 12315 network consumer rights station, specializes in network consumer disputes; guide the establishment of E-Commerce Association, established by the association of network transaction integrity (integrity stores) convention, issued a proposal to all business integrity management, to promote the healthy development of e-commerce. today, Shishi e-commerce headquarters - Haixi (Shishi) e-commerce Industrial Park has become the e-commerce demonstration base in textile and garment fabrics trade center, headquarters center and logistics distribution center, integrated service center in one of the. At present, nearly 300 enterprises settled, the annual output value of over 10 billion yuan. In the 100 meters long happiness Street on both sides and industrial products wholesale market, gathered about 2000 online wholesalers and retailers, more than 180 thousand pairs of shoes every day. at the same time, Quanzhou city Industrial and Commercial Bureau free to hold a business license and has independent domain name website operators (including shoes network trading enterprise website) unified identification and dissemination and gongdun electronic identification. "Consumers can click through to the site of electronic identification, the website of the credit information query. This shopping on the Internet for ordinary consumers, is undoubtedly a reassuring. Consumers recognize standard shopping, the objective is also to promote the brand shoes and apparel sales." Some people Industrial and Commercial Bureau Market Department of Quanzhou city)Jordan CP3 iD design contest sponsored by Chris and together Paul and NIKEiD recently by Chris Paul personally selected the winner. Taking Wake Forest University as the inspiration for the "black gold" color works become the talent shows itself, winner. Source: sneakernewsYour buddy Hello, national service has been updated to version 7.14, we are very much looking forward to the new hero image flow scythe Cain in this version, the new hero had just arrived, we are not very familiar with, today we will take you to see the new hero, look at the new hero Cain in the end how to play. and play although the main flow of the shadow name and rob Cain alike, but he is not the single hero, the main location for Cain junglers, the main attributes for the AD property. As we all know, Cain is a turned hero, are the shadow assassin and dark American soldiers, two forms of gameplay and the location is not the same. shadow play to kill the assassin, by virtue of their high mobility and high damage, instant kill crispy hero, play together and feel like praying mantis. The darkspawn fighters are biased to 1.5 meat soldier or tanks, the darkspawn state has good percentage of damage, so he doesn't need too many AD equipment to pile damage, can make more defense equipment to improve their flatness, assume the tank team responsibilities, according to the needs of the situation to determine their own game player is the assassin is transformed into a tank soldier, to your choice will decide the game, it must be cautious. in actual combat, Cain can use its powerful ability to walk around the wall, the wall to steal various wild, no one can basically catch Cain in the opposition area, decided on your form, will start making play according to their form, which to me is to cut dead enemy C, or to resist damage in the front row, these are to be considered, I suggest that you can first try in the custom or in the use of man-machine Cain, assassin form and warrior form have a try, learn skills and characteristics, to match actual combat exercises, and then further to the qualifying run. skills talent runes equipment skills, master Q side W, Q skill is Cain main damage skills, but also to brush and kill wild AOE, W skills are good, is the only control skill of Cain, whether the assassin's deceleration or warrior blow fly, is very important. E skill is the wall, this skill is a good skill, a point is enough. equipment, here I will explain the assassin and warrior, the first look at the assassin, the assassin is sure to damage the main form, and black soldiers to fight wild knife cutting and core equipment, reducing CD black cut is crucial for Cain's. A strengthening dusk blade in the 7.14 version, and Cain in the wall is very easy to trigger the twilight edge passive, it is still relatively easy to use, drink is a potent weapon against AP magic mage, the attack force is high. The resurrection of a piece is both offensive and defensive equipment, the Assassin forms more brittle, the resurrection of a is a good choice. is a warrior form is not the same, I will choose to play wild knife slag, generally what change early in the game has been decided, warrior Cain fault-tolerant rate is higher, and the slag in this version is very strong, wild brush speed in the slag.Air Jordan 4 is Nike Jordan series fourth double positive basketball shoes, was born in 1988, Air is a very classic Jordan series. It is worth mentioning that, Air Jordan 4 mesh uppers layup shoe buckle is famous in the world. As many fans love shoes in a shoe, counterfeiting aj4 is particularly serious, so how to see nike air jordan 4 true and false? In this, small to give you some tricks. , Jordan4 and check boxThe new generation of Jordan4 box structure is strong, have the trapeze signs in the box cover and side, "FLIGHT" box, shoebox color pattern in different years will be some difference, but on the trapeze signs and position and will not change the quality of shoe. side by a shoebox information label, need to pay attention on the shoe, shoe size, color, origin and other information is correct. Design code is usually 9 digits, and should be consistent standard shoes. two, check the Jordan4 shoes The specific identification method of NIKE standard shoes can refer to other online related articles, here the identification of nike air jordan 4 is true, we should pay attention to two points: 9 digit code style shoes and shoe box marked on the line; tail FABRIQUE letters in Q should be from inside the circle began to three, new Jordan4 retro with a plastic tag nike air jordan 4 how to distinguish between true and false? Michael and AIR logo embossed effect tag, tag and quality check whether the proportion of correct flying above. four, a relief sculpture new trapeze signs Jordan4 heel here trapeze signs edge is clear and tidy, authentic Jordan trapeze signs as shown below, note the proportions are correct. five, Jordan4 shoes cushion checkThe Jordan4 Arch support technology, the 4 generation of genuine support cushion, pay attention to the inside of the air is clear and high quality. Nike Jordan 4 generation is a classic milepost type meaning of shoes, a lot of people love. However, Air Jordan4 of the fake goods also have a certain level, has the appearance of spirit. Therefore, in the purchase of Air Jordan4 shoes, nike air jordan 4 to pay special attention to the true and false. Adidas yeezy 350v2 lovers seeAnd the comparison of Yeezy 350 V2 the most simple to see through a fake love Nike air cushion shoes - NIKE AIR VAPORMAX 201〉on the popular game Live NBA 15 news recently came out frequently, the current online Live 15 in the classic shoe section of the effect of the exposure, and look at it. attention more sneakers related information, as in the slam dunk, welcomed the public subscription number, micro channel search DUNKHOME and subscribe to the surprise and daily guess shoes to play the game, beauty and your various interactive Oh! Micro-blog search dunk home, understand the latest information and all kinds of basketball. source: sneakernews the Cleveland Cavaliers in today's media day, shooting the new season, the team member of Dingzhuang Zhao, and earlier in the day after the released 13 LeBron James himself is the foot a pair of LeBron 13 "hornet", despite being dubbed the "hornet" color, but yellow frame matches the color Navy Blue vamp detail presentation is knight theme quite match, can not wait for friends tomorrow by nikeid custom oh. Source: wfnyscott