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& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - News Analysis] Wang Jianlin said the acquisition during the year of the three sports enterprises. Wanda is accelerating the layout of the sports industry. sports industry is hot, not only triggered sports stocks soared, also makes Wanda Group Chairman Wang Jianlin gains more confidence into their sport. Recently, Wang Jianlin said that within this year, Wanda Group will become the first in the world in terms of the sports industry. Who sports industry is the first in the world is? The industry does not seem conclusive. However, the Yangcheng Evening News reporter access to the 2014 Annual Report of Nike, showing its annual gross revenue $ 27.79 billion (US $ 172.473 billion yuan). Is Wanda Sport is directed to this goal? This year will acquire three sports business Yesterday, the domestic A-share market rose 7.83 percent in the technology industry, the industry generally believe that by Wanda announced a major push into the sports industry stimulus. Recently, Wang Jianlin, Wanda Group revealed the following merger plan. "Within this year, Wanda M will be at least three sports enterprises. Completion of these acquisitions this year, Wanda in the sports industry is a world first. In addition, I asked M & Sports, their sports can be landed in China, At the same time these companies to master the sport property or mark Cheap foamposites for sale eting rights in the world. " Wang Jianlin, also said it would soon have good news for Chinese football announced. Early in January this year, to 44.98 million euros Wanda Group to acquire a 20% stake Atletico Madrid, and enter the club's board of directors. February, and led to one billion euros to acquire 100% stake in Sports Media Group ???? party. Infront is the world's second largest sports marketing companies, sports media production and one of the world's largest broadcast company, which owns the copyright of the media daily broadcast events over 10 (including 20 world championship races) , covering 25 sports, in football and winter sports areas ranked first worldwide including 2015--2022 year's Soccer World Cup broadcast rights exclusive marketing rights. Can more than 170 billion yuan annual income? Wanda by the two companies control the upstream industry resources global sports industry. But it can help them become the world's first sports industry has not been the answer. In the world-renowned enterprises in the sports industry, Nike fiscal 2014 total revenue of $ 27.79 billion, net income of $ 2.69 billion, an increase of 9.29%. At the same time, Nike released earlier financial expectations: to 2017 fiscal year, total revenues will reach $ 36 billion. Nike Nike + advantage not only by virtue of the establishment of the world's largest online community of sp Cheap air jordans for sale orts enthusiasts, but also has the ability to cut the whole category of sports: In addition to the mainstream basketball, soccer and running, Nike is also involved in golf and other sports niche market . On the sharing of business risks and market diversification, Nike than other competitors to win a chip. As Wanda sports in terms of earnings can be achieved, what kind of level, it is all very much like to understand the data. China's sports industry is expected to reach 5 trillion Wang Jianlin, repeatedly stressed that the acquisition of sports company sports can be landing in China, but the scale of the enormous potential of the Chinese sports market. According to Wind data statistics, the global sports industry added value of nearly $ 900 billion in 2013, of which the added value of the US sports industry reached 450 billion US dollars, accounting for half the world, and accounts for about 2.93 percent of the annual GDP of the United States, However, this figure was only 310 billion yuan in China (about 50 billion US dollars), accounting for only 0.56 percent of GDP. Through ten years of rapid development, the US sports industry has become one of America's top ten economic pillar industries, but China is still in the primary stage of development of the market, the gap significantly. Over the past 15 - 20 years, strong growth in the global sports market, China's sports jordan shoes online sale industry is ushered in strong push multiple positive inflection capital, policy, actors and so on. December 19, 2014, "the State Council on Accelerating the development of sports industry to promote the views of sports consumption," formally issued, noting that by 2025, the total size of the sports industry will be more than 5 trillion yuan, to promote sustained economic and social development has become an important force. Xu Jiayin, Ma, etc. have invested heavily to China's sports industry, how to Wang Jianlin sports industry layout will eat more cake, a huge sports market in China based on the world's sports industry first, I believe soon there will be the answer. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe News Media Partners: China sports shoes Network)yesterday, the thunder team headed star Westbrook Colette in Paris Russell shop released his first pair of Jordan signature shoes. Westbrook Jordan 0 as a Lifestyle shoe, its design is evident in the concept of fashion shoes to build, and from the Jordan Air 11 shoes to draw inspiration. 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Optic optional models from 27.5 inches to 29erif you want to use the most simple sentence introduction Optic this car, that is: it supports 27.5 and two 29 kinds of wheel diameter, these two specifications of the car are the same name of the same configuration. But when you look at the details, you will find norco has passed "gravity tune" technology in the frame of different wheel diameter and riding posture adjustment. 27.5 wheel diameter models equipped with front fork of 130mm travel, through the norco A. R. t damping linking technology with 120mm of travel rear suspension control. The 29er models will vary somewhat, such as before and after stroke reduce 10mm to accommodate the larger wheel diameter, shorter the position handlebar closer to the driver. after reading the geometric figure below, you will find more minor adjustments, such as the 29 inch model above the tube angle increased by 0.5 degrees, the length of the tube and the 27.5 models have 10mm differences. The actual difference between 29er and 27.5 (650B) Norco carefully designed after the fork, so that the chain to maintain a straight, more stable. 29 inch models using a shorter 435mm length of the rear fork, in the large frame based on the flexibility to enhance the vehicle. All models of the rear fork are aluminum alloy material. A.R.T "" shock absorber layout makes the rear bile can better vibration mitigation regulation, in the uphill and downhill can have a good performance concise and full of emotional way to make the Optic Norco front can keep clean, reduce the noise caused by the line pipe the 2.25 inch tire wheel collocation, but can be seen after the fork or a certain gap can accommodate larger tires Optic Norco 29 frame geometry Optic Norco 27.5 frame geometry Optic models have many worth emphasizing advantages. First they directly and fox cooperation, jointly developed by the a compression adjustment 120mm travel fork, in performance closer to 2.75 inch models match the 130mm version. At the same time, the "GIZMO" in the design of the line to make the body simple, more quiet, and reduce the maintenance cycle. Carbon fiber frame using the "ARMORLITE" resin material to increase the impact resistance of the frame, adding the "SmoothCore" technology and make the frame become lighter and more efficient. I'll be the seller, Yahoo, account, jerryanwingPlease do not you accuse people D wild fake please let D conclusive evidence.Reebok Authentic system has been Chinese system frame Ronaldo, does not believe you can be with your own way to make o d really o than li! and Taobao d o R30 is false fruit you got enough knowing that the entire frame Chinese department, they also wrote back to tag Made in Vietnam live! if you find my home and sell o has a tight line! 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